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We make facial tissues machine, toilet tissues, kitchen  tissues & jumbo roll paper machine, napkin machine, aluminum foil and stretch film roller, paper and cardboard bobbin slicing machine, cardboard tube bobbin machine, packaging machines and special machines for the production of tissue paper.


Our company is engaged in design, production, sales, assembly and customer support as well as personal training, maintenance, supply of spare parts, raw material and other technical support activities within the scope of after sales service


In this process, we have managed to offer the best solutions for the demands of the customers by offering the best of all our efforts in the field of tissue paper machines in order to gain customer satisfaction


In addition to the support we provide to our team in the design and development department, with our accumulated experience in the production of tissue paper production, we have increased the technical function of the equipment and provided more ease of production and operation


Vision & Mission

Dynamic, participatory, collaborative, thanks structure principle is the most accurate with common sense and convictions way to produce machines that meet with more of the high-tech expectations customers are used, aftermarket effective, rapid and satisfactory to provide technical service, thus to strengthen and develop our position in the market.

Domestic and ensure that the development will increase our recognition in the market as well as abroad permanently. High-tech machinery to produce and deliver key projects to provide solutions. Ensure the continuation of our good relationship with our customers and to further strengthen. Our customers, our employees, our responsibility to the public and the natural environment always be in compliance. Precious time to our customers to always respect and rights


Our machines are characterized by

• High technical quality
• Prominent with creativity
• Lower costs with appropriate solution
• Real warranty

Quality Policy

The essence of the growth of this policy is in the commitment of "Floryamac" towards development and customer service and after-sales service and in the application of innovative technology with advanced professionalism to ensure the manufacture of high-quality machines. Floryamac for paper converting machinery " adopts, in a structure of continues development, high-level techniques with the cooperative spirit of it's team and aims to meet the requirements of current and future customers through manufacturing machines according to the following criteria: * Innovation and excellence. * Constant quest for quality and technology. * On-time delivery. * Fast Customer Service. * 24/7 After sale Service.


Our Objective

• To permanently develop work Policy to meet the requirements and needs of the market
• To work hard to satisfy our customers with our high quality services
• Commitment to our responsibilities towards our customers, our employees, our fans, our environment
• Increase the level of work quality and development in our country



Our company has constantly embraced innovation to deliver superior excellence

  • Quality and Sturdy

  • Professional Team

  • Timely delivery